Civil Celebrants in Australia today design and preside over a wide variety of ceremonies additional to their best known roles in weddings and funerals. Basically, ceremonies are increasingly used by society as markers of passage through the many milestones of life. These are truly “rites of passage”.

Beyond weddings, the public display of a committed personal relationship can also be expressed through commitment and renewal of vows ceremonies. For a more private celebration of lives coming together, elopement ceremonies are becoming increasingly popular.

Family life offers many opportunities to celebrate particular milestones including naming, adoption, blended family, coming of age and new baby ceremonies to name a few. Ceremonies offer important opportunities to be inclusive of family and relevant communities and to formally acknowledge their significance.

Beyond funerals, ash scattering and memorial ceremonies offer further opportunities to both process grief and also celebrate a life. Meanwhile, current generations as they age are seeking to become more active and present by way of participating in events such as living wakes and even divorce ceremonies.

As family life increasingly becomes more and more inclusive of our pets or so-called “fur children”, events such as pet welcomes and pet funerals are becoming increasingly common.

As all celebrations are unique in circumstance and design, so too are the prices for each assignment. I commit to offering full transparency and detailed written quotations before commencing any assignment. Incidentally, 100% of respondents to my post-ceremony online survey described my prices as “fair”.