A funeral ceremony is an important opportunity to allow a family and community to grieve a loss whilst at the same time also celebrating a life well lived. It comes at an extremely difficult time for friends and family and is an important initial stage in the healing process.

A funeral may be augmented in later weeks with perhaps a memorial or ash scattering ceremony which provide further healing opportunities at a point when the loss has become more real.

Usually working in close collaboration with the chosen Funeral Director, a Civil Celebrant’s role at the time of loss is to provide comfort and guidance through the preparation and delivery of a ceremony according to the family’s wishes and best interests.

I continue my ongoing personal and professional development on conducting such ceremonies through active participation in associations such as the Funeral Celebrant Association Australia.

As all ceremonies are unique in circumstance and design, so too are the prices for each assignment. I commit to offering full transparency and detailed written quotations before commencing any assignment. Incidentally, 100% of respondents to my post-ceremony online survey described my prices as “fair”.