Peter specialises in making your day exaclty as you want it.

Getting hitched?

Well, first off… congratulations to you both!

You can look forward to a very exciting future together, whether you are…

  • a bride & groom, bride & bride, groom & groom or are perhaps non-binary
  • a first-timer or maybe you have walked down the aisle before
  • an 18-year-old or perhaps closer to 88 years young
  • planning all the (wedding) bells and whistles or maybe a simpler elopement option, that leaves more in the kitty for a honeymoon or the mortgage

Your wedding ceremony starts Your Big Day but, even more importantly, it is the launchpad for your married lives together.

It’s your day, and so together we’ll ensure that we do it your way!

To (mis)quote Frank Sinatra… “I do it your  way!”

Get hitched – without a hitch

Ceremony planning is usually quite a fun process, but there are also a few legal requirements that I will carefully guide you through.

In fact, just one click away I have published many of the answers to the common wedding questions. But wait, there’s more! Once we agree to start planning your ceremony, I’ll provide you with password access to a comprehensive set of legal and information resources.

SPOILER ALERT!  More than one month before your wedding date, you are required to submit a signed and witnessed ‘Notice of Intended Marriage’ document to your chosen celebrant.

Once that paperwork is processed, the real fun can begin in earnest.

I usually commence with an informal meeting over a coffee, mineral water or wine – or in this post-Covid era, maybe we first chat online.

To kick off the planning process, I will ask you by describing in your own words your perfect ceremony – its style, participants and content.

We’ll walk-through various options for your wedding or elopement ceremony, and together we will start to design an event that is exactly  what you want.

Our comprehensive planning ranges from the big questions to the smallest detail. We discuss the overall tone; creating your vows; selecting readings; and maybe even arranging some ‘audience participation’ to create your ideal ceremony experience.

You can perhaps also choose a ritual involving candles, coloured sand or maybe even some rope – don’t worry, it’s not (necessarily) as kinky as it sounds!

To wed or to elope?

that  is the question.

Yet fundamentally, at the end of the day (or night), the outcome is exactly the same – you become legally married!

It’s really only a difference of degrees, in size and complexity – and thus also in cost!

Pandemic restrictions have recently highlighted the value and popularity of the micro-wedding or elopement.

These can often involve just the legal minimum number of necessary participants, being the celebrant, two witnesses and, of course, the two people getting hitched.

Sometimes a photographer, live streamer or videographer are added to ensure that the loved ones (who would otherwise be invited to a larger wedding) can still get to see the ceremony.

Indeed the content of an elopement ceremony is often quite minimal, sometimes distilled down to simply the so-called ‘Legal Only’ requirements mandated by government.

PRO TIP!  Yes, ‘Legals Only’ is really A Thing… check out my ‘Economy Class’ package!

More questions about getting married?
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