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So, what exactly is a Civil Celebrant? Basically, the term describes a person qualified by training, steeped in professional and life experience and possessing the personal qualities and skills to guide and deliver various rites of passage celebrating our progress through life’s major milestones. These can include a wide variety of ceremonies including naming, coming of age, elopement, commitment, wedding, renewal of vows, funeral and memorial ceremonies.

In the case of weddings, Civil Celebrants are authorised by the Australian commonwealth government to perform marriage ceremonies on a secular or largely non-religious basis. Today, the vast majority of wedding and a funeral ceremonies in Australia are conducted by Civil Celebrants. In fact, Australia continues to be a world leader in the use, training and professionalisation of Civil Celebrancy. This website details the processes involved in getting married. I am a supporter of marriage equality and a significant proportion of my wedding ceremonies have been performed for same-sex couples.

A good Civil Celebrant is fundamentally a good listener and is able to translate the specific needs of their clients to form a unique bespoke ceremony. A good celebrant must also be an excellent organiser, highly creative and able to present the agreed ceremony with a mix of gravitas, respect and even humour when appropriate.

Whatever the occasion, it is important that clients are completely comfortable and trusting of their Celebrant. Accordingly, I am happy to offer a background profile, testimonials and also a free no-obligation introductory meeting. You are most welcome to contact me.

As all ceremonies are unique in circumstance and design, so too are the prices for each assignment. I commit to offering full transparency and detailed written quotations before commencing any celebrancy assignment. Incidentally, 100% of respondents to my post-ceremony online survey described my prices as “fair”.