Testimonials from couples

All my couples say…

I enthusiastically encourage feedback both before and after the ceremony. Input is so very important during the preparation phase to ensure that the ceremony content is accurate, appropriate, and entirely consistent with your wishes. After all, there’s only one chance to get in right on the day!

After the event, I additionally undertake an online survey. The answers I have received to the multiple-choice questions have been unanimous

  • To the question “What is your level of satisfaction with my overall services?”, 100% of responses answered “Extremely happy”. (The other multiple-choice options were “Fairly happy”, “Neither happy nor unhappy”, “Fairly unhappy” and “Extremely unhappy”.)
  • To the question “What is your opinion of the price for my service?”, 100% of responses answered either “Fair” or  “cheap”. (The other multiple-choice option was “Expensive”.)
  • To the question “Would you recommend my services to friends and colleagues in need of celebrancy services?”, 100% of the responses answered “Yes”. (The other multiple-choice option was “No”.)

From vow to wow!

L & J

You listened to our feedback

Peter tailored our ceremony into exactly what we wanted.

Pre service water and Tic Tacs are a nice idea

We appreciated him checking in on both Bride and Groom

D & I

We were extremely happy with everything you did for us

All aspects of your services were performed to a high rating of satisfaction

To us and this is our perspective, you made our day… perfect

What you did for us was worth more than the fee…hence the “bonus” tip

Your ears must already be burning – everyone at the wedding commented on what a great job you did and “isn’t he a lovely man”. We will recommend you every chance we get. To say we where extremely happy is an understatement. Every aspect was extremely well performed and very professional. We would not like to say you are cheap. Your prices are extremely fair and, as we have said on prior occasions, to us you are priceless. Thank you again Peter…so glad we found you

N & P

Peter was the perfect choice for our wedding

He expertly guided us through the whole process, making it enjoyable and stress free

He crafted and delivered a wonderful ceremony, which was personal to us and therefore really special

Thank you very much! Completely met our expectations, could not fault a thing. We enjoyed your friendly, down to earth nature, good communication and making the whole process flow with ease. Thank you very much for making our wedding day run so well, and feel so special. The ceremony working and delivery were completely spot on!

L & J

You listened to our feedback and tailored our ceremony into exactly what we wanted.

The pre-service offer of water and tic tacs are a nice idea

We appreciated you checking in on both Bride/Groom before the ceremony

Peter was great from our first visit to the completion of our ceremony. He listened to our input on the type of service we were looking for and integrated our words into the ceremony with great care. Peter made sure that my wife and I were the centre of attention throughout the service rather than trying to outshine us, which we have seen at previous weddings. Thank you for everything Peter.

L & A

Peter went above and beyond

He was generous with meeting times and attention to detail

Nothing could be improved, everything was perfect!

It was worth what we paid

Even though we wanted something low fuss, he was sure to go over all the details to make sure we hadn’t overlooked anything. Yes, we would recommend his services to friends and colleagues in need of his services. Thanks Peter for being awesome and accommodating our requests on the day, including insisting being by the lake in heavy rain!

E & L

Peter was attentive of our needs and he kept open communication at all times

He was clear as regards the forms that we needed to submit and he assisted us along the way

We were happy with Peter’s style and his willingness to tweak the format of the ceremony to suit our requirements

Both the lead up to the ceremony and the focus on getting the details right

Also, the cool-headed approach to the ceremony itself and willingness to change the format of the ceremony as we requested. Peter’s fees were fair and when we compared them across the market – and considering his willingness to reply to queries, etc – we were happy. Certainly we would give our recommendation

C & M

We both feel that Peter did a very good job right from the first meeting

He also made us feel relaxed and happy

Value was more then money as he gave us a very personal service

We found Peter very helpful. He was prepared to assist us in everything we asked for. He helped us to make our day as personal as we could have it. A very big thanks for your support and kindness

J & C

Peter was very adaptable and sensitive to how we wanted our ceremony to go.

He worked very hard to make our day have the atmosphere we wanted.

Preparation and consultation, and a relaxed, good-humoured atmosphere.

The pricing was extremely fair for the work and effort Peter put into our service