Weddings are usually the most complex assignment asked of any Civil Celebrant. Apart from collaborating in the design of a bespoke ceremony according to the wishes of the couple, the celebrant is also required to undertake various regulatory and legal processes to ensure that the resultant marriage is valid in the eyes of the law.

Accordingly, wedding preparation is essentially a two-stage process usually beginning with processing the legal requirements including the provision of at least one month’s written notice coupled with the production of various original documents confirming the identity and status of the individuals.

After completing the necessary paperwork, the Celebrant and couple move on to the fun part – the creative process of designing their ideal wedding ceremony. The Celebrant acts as a guide and navigator through these creative and legal processes until a final agreed format is reached.

Such thorough preparation, usually augmented by an informal rehearsal, serve to calm nerves and also ensure a smooth ceremony on the big day. More details on the preparation process can be found on this site’s FAQ page.

I continue my ongoing personal and professional development on conducting wedding ceremonies through active participation in associations such as Australian Marriage Celebrants Inc.

As all ceremonies are unique in circumstance and design, so too are the prices for each assignment. I commit to offering full transparency and detailed written quotations before commencing any assignment. With the wide range of potential wedding ceremonies, several price points are available depending on the level of complexity and involvement. Incidentally, 100% of respondents to my post-ceremony online survey described my prices as “fair”.