A good celebrant

A good Civil Celebrant will perform their usual job description of writing a ceremony and seeing to the necessary legal processes.

Yet, for most couples, arranging a wedding can often be quite a nerve-wracking experience.

That’s just as true whether it’s your first marriage – or your tenth (if you’re like Elizabeth Taylor!)

That’s why all couples need, and indeed, they deserve…

… a great celebrant

A great celebrant will still create a personalised bespoke ceremony just for you. They will still do all the required paperwork.

It not so much what they do that’s different – it is how it is done. 

A great celebrant will be exceedingly patient, friendly, collaborative and empathetic with the couple.

The great celebrant acts as a guide and navigator, serving to calm nerves and also ensure a smooth ceremony on The Big Day.

That’s priceless!

What to expect before, during and after your wedding day